On behalf of the Board, Management and staff, a warm welcome to the Sphere Institute of Technology web site, your portal to the exciting world of Hospitality, Travel and other industrial training in Kathmandu, Nepal, the country of Himalayas and traditional hospitality and countless culture.I invite you to explore our website and find more about our programs and services. If you would like to pursue a career in hospitality and travel industry and interested in advancing your education in this field, then

The Sphere is the place for you. At Sphere Institute of Technology, you will find a modern and cutting edge training facility designed to provide you with the required competencies needed to perform effectively in the global Hospitality and Travel industry, for which there is always a great demand for skilled personnel. The Training Institute was established to ensure that Sphere Institute of Technology entities had well trained and competent employees, as well as to provide opportunities for individuals and companies with an interest in the exciting world of Bar Management, Floor Management, Housekeeping, Front Office, Event Management, Mixology, Commercial Food Preparation and also Travel and Tour, Airlines Management with supplement of different language and culture

Sphere Institute of Technology is promoted by academicians and specialists and area professionals with substantial management and teaching experience which has led the institute to become, probably the most loveable institute around. The prevailing education system and situation could be more helpful to the students to save them from getting lost and facing dilemmas. Our younger generation are trying to build future are found to feel very difficult to succeed, for lack of skills and proper training, similarly the young generation is heavily rushing towards foreign countries for higher education, where they need to work for some hours to facilitate to sustain themselves.

Though Nepali people are so hard working they are not getting proper jobs, again because of lack of knowledge and skill, on the other hand lots of people, with a big dream rushing toward foreign land to work, where again they are not able to perform well because of lack of knowledge, skill and attitude and so earn much less than they should for their striving.

Sphere Institute of Technology focuses on to bring balance between the skill, knowledge and attitude of each individual on related field, so that they can pursue their carrier with ease. As part of your training experience, you will have the opportunity to receive on the job work experience at Sphere Practical Restaurant and bar, and work with qualified professionals with our other Sphere Institute of Technology Group, as well as our other Partner Firms, Inclusive of Hotels, Famous Restaurants, Event Companies, and share ideas with related field pros.

Our Institute is located at the heart of the city, Kantipath, Jyatha, Kathmandu, and I invite you to visit our institute and take a tour of the facility to get to know us better where not only you can learn but host meetings, cocktail parties, and other functions. Let us salute a warm welcome and an ‘immense thank you’ for choosing Sphere Institute of Technology to expand your training and learning opportunities.

We wish you all the success in your chosen program and look forward to assisting you in your personal growth and development in this exciting and challenging industry.