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  • You will benefit from our excellent industry contacts
  • A degree from SQA is one of the best investments you will ever make.
  • As part of our programmes you are given the opportunity to undertake a professional practice in Scotland or overseas.
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  • All these programmes are validated by LCCI and SQA. in the UK



Industry training is an integral part of the study program at SIT DHM program. During the academic program, students are required to successfully complete a 1 year industry training period in a hospitality business approved by SIT. Internship Placement Managers assist students with placements in hotels in China, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Nepal.

During the industry training, students will be under contractual obligation with their employers, which will entitle them to receive a trainee’s gross monthly salary. To qualify for industry training in above mentioned countries, students are expected to meet specific academic, professional, and language skills standards set forth by SIT. During industry placement, students’ performance, behavior and professional attitude will be assessed by employers and students are requested to write a report about the nature and management of the property in which they had their industry training.